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XLinux was moving its headquarters from Taiwan, where it had built a very successful business in Linux operating system support and development, to Silicon Valley. At the same time they wanted to expand their business beyond the Linux world and so found their current name too limiting.

They came to us with a highly focused, fast turnaround naming project, needing a new name that reflected their high-energy, innovative approach to systems development. They also wanted to communicate their dedication to customer service and working closely with their customers to achieve a desired solution. The name was to be coined from meaningful word parts and ideally would contain no l's or r's that might make pronunciation difficult in their established Asian markets.

Within two weeks, from start to finish, we had this winning solution in their hands. It came from combining the Co from Collaboration with the last two syllables of the word Inventive. It says that this is an inventive, innovative company, and that they co-invent solutions with their customers.