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Welcome to our services palette! We do what we love and love what we do, so whether you are looking for a cool business name, are naming products or services, want a corporate tagline, or an analysis of your brand architecture and more, we will dig in deep and look to create exactly what you want.

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We specialize in:

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Let us enhance your company story with an expressive corporate tagline and increase the impact of your company message.

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Does your hierarchy of corporate, product, and service brand names and tagline mesh? Does each add power to the whole? If they don’t, you are wasting marketing effort and money.

We can help by evaluating your existing system of name brands, analyzing their market positioning, and optimizing their relationships.

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Get the creative juices flowing. We can facilitate on-site mind-mapping and brainstorming sessions on any topic you wish. They are fun, exciting, and it’s where breakthroughs can happen.

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Whether naming products or developing that ultra cool business name, domain name availability is often key. We can help you find one that works for you.

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We offer preliminary trademark screening for the US and the EU which will help with your trademark development.

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Avoid potentially embarrassing associations in foreign countries for your hot new product by checking it out with native speakers first.

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