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Whether for creative company names, evocative names for products, or corporate taglines that tell your story, The Brandslinger Creative Process is designed to do two things: Clarify and Capture.

Through interviews, mind-mapping sessions, brainstorming, and questionnaires we drill down deep into what you do, elicit the heart of your vision, and clarify the message you want to convey.

Then our extraordinary team of naming consultants captures that vision in an evocative name that in turn captures the minds of your prospective clients, making them want to find out more about you and what you have to offer.

Phase 1: Clarification

Communication is the key. The better the communication, the better the resulting name. Through questionnaires, extensive interviews, mind-mapping, and brainstorming sessions we elicit and hone your vision. We discover both what you want to say with your new name and how you want to say it. Every decision maker with responsibility for the product or company being named will have direct input into what we do in this stage.

The raw results from this stage are then distilled into a concise document called the Creative Brief that clearly specifies the naming objectives, i.e. the meanings we want to capture in the name, the various nuances and feelings we want to convey, and the supporting name criteria. Such as, do you want a real word name, a coined name, something metaphorical, or something more descriptive, or are there particular words and meanings you wish to specifically avoid.

Once the Creative Brief has been approved by your side we can then move on to the next phase, Creative Development.

Phase 2: Creative Development

We assemble the ideal creative team for your project from our network of expert naming consultants and use the approved Creative Brief to guide our brainstorming throughout the project. An initial short list of evocative names is developed by the team and then reviewed by you to fine tune our naming directions. Once we get your feedback to our initial set we then update the Creative Brief with any necessary changes, and then proceed full speed ahead into our naming exploration. 

Depending on the project, we often create up to two thousand names. With that huge set of raw creativity we then go into Phase 3: Evaluation.

Phase 3: Evaluation

Using the Creative Brief as our guide we wade into the master list of names looking for the candidates that best fit our guidelines. At this time we also continue creating new names, building on and refining the best that come from the master list.

The results are an initial culled collection of naming candidates that we then run through our preliminary Trademark and Domain name evaluations, should these be necessary.

The final result is a short list of evocative names we consider suitable for your project. Whether it be for a creative company name, for naming products, or for a corporate tagline, the process outlined above is identical.

Additional Screenings

We can also arrange for linguistic analysis or focus group testing should those services be desired.

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