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We are a collection of creative thinkers, brand naming consultants who understand the power of evocative names to communicate and inspire. We are dedicated to naming products and developing the most creative company names and corporate taglines possible. We are fast on the draw, right on target, with Brands that Linger in the minds of your customers.

We are BrandsLinger!

Founder and Creative Director

Brandslinger Naming Group was founded in 1999 by Christopher W. Baker. With more than 25 years experience in evocative name development, naming products, developing creative company names and compelling corporate taglines, as well as evaluating and creating innovative brand strategies, Chris has worked on over 450 different identity projects.
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These projects have covered everything from high-tech devices, software, and hardware to shampoos, foods, drugs, beverages and much more, as well as corporate level naming for companies from startups to fortune 500 members both in US and around the world.

Chris is fascinated by words and languages. He has lived abroad in Spain and in France for several years, has sailed over much of the world's oceans, and currently has 6 published books to his credit. His specialty is taking complex concepts and expressing them clearly and engagingly for the general audience. One of his books recently won a national science-writing award from Science Books and Films.

In his university years, Chris earned a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology and a Masters degree in Computer Science. With this diverse training and real-world experience as a computer scientist, a poet, and a published nonfiction writer, he feels fully qualified to understand any corporate culture or complex product concept. He then can quickly translate them into evocative names for naming products and developing unique and creative company names and corporate taglines that fit his clients' needs and capture the minds of his clients’ customers.

Hail To Our Namers!

There could not be a more exciting, intelligent, fun, and perceptive group of people on the planet than our network of naming consultants. When creating evocative names for naming products, developing creative company names or corporate taglines, we work with seasoned naming consultants around the country and the world. All them have deep creative backgrounds, having published novels and poetry, written plays and screenplays, performed on stage or screen, and more. They are literally the most creative minds in the business.

What's more, their naming experience runs deep. The aggregate length of time spent in the naming field, as represented by the naming consultants on our Brandstorming Teams, regularly tops 70 years. That's a lot of experience and knowledge to bring to bear on your project, and it is one of our great advantages as a company.

tagline - your name is our promise