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Whether you are naming new products, want an evocative cool business name, or a corporate tagline that dazzles, we encourage you to try it on your own.

Many people have successfully created powerful evocative names on their own. So give it your best effort. And if we can help, we’d be happy to participate in any way.

Our process is modularized to work the way that fits you best. If you wish to create an evocative name for your new product, develop your own cool business name, or create a corporate tagline, we can take you through Phase One to help you clarify what you want to say.

We can facilitate brainstorming and mind mapping, assist you with appropriate questionnaires whose answers will help you drill down to your name specifics. And then we can turn you loose with a fully developed Creative Brief to guide your creative efforts, whether they be for naming products, getting a cool new business name, or an evocative corporate tagline.

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