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A successful enterprise-level software systems developer, Technology Deployment, Inc., came to us because they were changing their corporate direction and needed a name to reflect that change. They were starting to offer their own products to the enterprise marketplace, rather than simply develop systems on contract.

Their new suite of products were the next step in business automation, allowing instant real-time information and real-time reconfiguration capabilities of all high-level business processes extending from the factory floor to the board room. The software was smart, dynamic, easy to use and provided a new level of intelligence to all ranks of management.

They wanted a name that said smart products created by smart people for smart businesses. In addition, they wanted a name that was not a real word but something coined or constructed. Savvion came from a thorough exploration of the vocabulary of intelligence and innovation. The solution was built from the root word Savvy, changing the y to a more fluid and tech-oriented ion ending.