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Professional Mindware

IDG books, the largest supplier of technical manuals and reference materials in the world, was looking for a tagline for their new M&T Books imprint. Clark Creative of San Francisco, who was managing this as part of a larger project, contacted us to do the creative tagline development.

IDG was looking for a tagline that would grab the reader's attention and let him or her know that the information in any M&T book was both of professional quality but was as current as you could get. It had to be smart but also convey something larger than merely intelligent.

Our solution, Professional Mindware, does just that. It communicates that these are books for the pros. That they are full of high-level knowledge. And that they are not just about static facts and figures, because Mindware implies that these are also dynamic tools that amplify the power of your mind. A dynamic and on target message in just two words.